Earth Connection is a school of primitive skills and wilderness survival located in Northern Virginia and North Carolina (Raleigh/Durham area) that has been in existence for over a decade. Our hands-on classes are reasonably priced because we don't believe in big price tags for primitive skills. That's just not natural!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wolf Moon Camp Was a Howling Success

Our first seasonal moon camp was a success!
Three days of winter skills and crafts; including, Flint knapping and Pottery Making/firing with special guest instructor Keith Grenoble, Brain tanning, making things from buckskin and Mead making with special guest instructor Natalie Bogwalker, Bow Drill Friction Fire and Grass Coil Basketry with Tim MacWelch, and Wilderness Self Defense with Hue.

Take a look at the Happy pics!!

Pam stayed the night in the wicciup.

Keith warms the pottery by the fire before firing...

Fire Keeps them warm between classes.

The finished product.

Natalie stirs the wort.

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