Earth Connection is a school of primitive skills and wilderness survival located in Northern Virginia and North Carolina (Raleigh/Durham area) that has been in existence for over a decade. Our hands-on classes are reasonably priced because we don't believe in big price tags for primitive skills. That's just not natural!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Earth Connection Private Classes

Earth Connection continues to offer a limited number of private classes (One-on-One or Small Group with Tim MacWelch) during weekdays, Monday thru Friday (9am to 4pm), but not weekends cause that is when we hold our regular classes. You pick your class from our website or customize your own, schedule the date with Tim MacWelch, and then attend the class at our camp near Somerville, Virginia. Prices remain the same as regular classes… mostly cause Tim likes to give bargains to supporters of Earth Connection.

One day classes are currently available at $80 per person, run from 9am to 4pm and include the following classes - Friction Fire Making - Winter Wild Edible Plants - Tracks and Sign - Basketry - Friction Fire Materials Identification - Or your own custom class!

Custom classes are available for a slight $20 per day price increase for extra planning. Two day classes with overnight campout are $200 per person, run from 9am on the first day to 4pm on the second day and include the following classes - Wilderness Survival - Primitive Skills (condensed 2 day version).

These Private classes are the only time that Teenagers accompanied by a parent can attend our classes… call or write for more info.

We also offer special professional grade classes for US Government, Military and Law Enforcement personnel. These courses are also open to The Department of Defense; Game Wardens; Wildlife Management personnel; State and private Search and Rescue teams; Professional guides and outfitters; High risk government and civilian employees; Instructors and staff for outdoor intervention programs... just to name a few.

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