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Thursday, August 09, 2007

EC Meets Capt John Smith on the Chesapeake

Recently, Earth Connection (EC) participated in Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum's (JPPM) commemoration of Captain John Smith's voyage on the Chesapeake Bay on August 4th & 5th of 2007. The event gave an opportunity for the public to learn about pre-colonial American Indian culture at the time of European contact and offer visitors an educational experience of this critical time period in Southern Maryland's history.

The two-day event featured music, dance, storytelling, traditional crafts, vendors, exhibits, and the landing of Captain John Smith's shallop; not to mention Earth Connection demonstrations on friction fire and primitive trapping.

Tim, hue, Jamey and EC guest Cindy attended the event demonstrating primitive skills through the heat (.. and we are talking Africa hot, people) and selling their wares; including EC T-shirts, friciton fire kits, Jamey's famous gourd canteens and Cindy's fantastic gourd art.

Tim taught many budding young enthusiasts primitive friction fire. He didn't need any help with the heat as it was 120 degrees that weekend, but still he added a few of his own degrees with his great friction fire skills.

We met quite a few new people interested in EC and some old friends. Fun and sweat was had by all!

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