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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Summer is a Berry Good Season

Blackberry cobbler... hmmmm! Its mid-July and summer berries are in full swing. Time for Earth Connection's Summer Edibles class. The class was small, but that meant more to eat for all that attended.

"What say you?" you cry in disbelief. "More for you to eat?"

"Yes and a cornucopia of wild edibles too." EC instructor's Tim and Hue boldly claimed in unison.

"You had wild edibles to eat?" You sigh in more disbelief and facial anguish. "Say it isn't true?"

"True... oh, so true." Tim taunts. "We had two cold soups, Jamey's sorrel soup and Hue's curried cattail soup. They were accompanied by milkweed pod drenched in butter. We topped it all off with Jen's blackberry cobbler and Hue's wine/black berry pan cookie."

You are salivating profusely while listening intently.

Tim continues, "Not to mention all the tasty edibles we sampled on our study walk. Hue even brought the cherry bim--banned in forty states--for sampling. We really had the time of it."

Sadly, you ask, "Will you have the class again next year?"

"Of course! Better yet, why wait another year? We have another seasonal edibles class--fall wild edibles--coming up this October 13th."

Stay tuned for this year's recipes.

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